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About Us Alexander Coletti

Swimming Teacher 

I have been an instructor for over a decade now (13 years total). I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of communities providing swimming instruction to infants, preschool, school aged, adults and individuals with disabilities.

What initially drew me to teaching swimming was my love for the water and my enjoyment of my own swimming lessons. 

What I most enjoy about working within aquatic education is the satisfaction of teaching a life skill and being able to watch a swimmer develop over time, not only with their swimming ability but also as a person. I love to create rapport with my students and there’s nothing better than seeing a swimmer happy and excited for their lessons. 

Courses such as Autism Swim and Austswim’s Access and Inclusion have been fantastic tools and have enabled me to create environments where all students are able to learn no matter their abilities. 

I love swimming in the ocean and in my most recent trip to Queensland I enjoyed a number of trips snorkelling out at the Great Barrier Reef.