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About Us Andrea Ramos Angarita

Swimming Teacher

Hi, I am Andrea. I've been teaching for a little bit over a year and it has been amazing! I love teaching all ability levels, but I must admit teaching infants has been kind of cool. I became interested in teaching swimming after I had the opportunity to teach a friend of mine. It was a great experience and somehow I knew that this was something I wanted to keep doing.

I have been swimming since I was four years old and am still swimming almost 30 years later! I am a professional triathlete, who also holds a Bachelor Degree in Sports Science. Beyond my work with Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics, I also assist in coaching students who are training to complete triathlons. I experience great joy being able to share my knowledge with others and it is great to observe the progress of our students throughout their swimming journey. 

One of my dreams is to spend a New Year’s eve in the water and be able to receive the New Year swimming. A crazy dream, but hopefully possible, we will see.