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COVID-19 Information Change to Procedures

To ensure the health and safety of all staff, students, families and other personnel, Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics will be temporarily implementing the following measures throughout our centre.

Before arrival

Entry and Exit Points
  • Separate entry and exit points have been established, to minimise the risk of congestion
  • Please familiarise yourself with the Entry and Exit points to the Swimming Pool.
  • When parking, please walk around the perimeter of the Performing Arts Centre (via Upper Heidelberg Rd) and enter the school via Noel Street (first entrance on your left)
  • Once you have exited the facility, please exit via the staff carpark
  • Participants will be required to follow the directional arrows, as indicated on the centre map
  • Students and their families MUST NOT attend if they are unwell
  • Students must be showered and ‘ready to swim’ prior to arrival (swimwear to be worn under clothing)
  • The use of changing rooms is discouraged. Reduce the need to utilise these areas
  • Only bring essential items to class (towel, cap, goggles, drink bottle)
  • Students with Asthma, Anaphylaxis or other complex medical conditions must pack their own Ventolin and/or Epipen etc.

Upon arrival

  • Students will be required to arrive no more than 5mins ahead of their class start time and meet at the designated Entry point (see map on previous page)
  • Students 7yrs and under can be accompanied into the Centre by one parent/guardian only
  • Students 8yrs+ cannot be accompanied by a parent/guardian into the Centre and will instead be greeted and dismissed by centre staff. Exceptions to this rule may apply to parent/guardians who are required in supervisory or supporting roles (please contact the Swimming Manager to discuss). 
  • Please allow at least 1.5m distance between yourself and other participants
  • Observe floor marking both outside and inside the Centre
  • No unnecessary intermingling or congregating
  • Participants will have their temperature read electronically prior to entering and will not be permitted to enter if they return a reading of 37.5°C or higher
  • All participants must answer the following questions prior to entry (from the DHHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Self Assessment)
  • All participants MUST sanitise their hands before entering the Centre (Sanitiser Stations will be established in multiple locations)
  • Participants to complete ‘sign-in’ register prior to entry
  • Students will be greeted by their teacher, allocated a space on pool deck for their belongings and shown to their lane.

While attending

  • All patrons can utilise the toilets (if required). Children must be independent if they are unaccompanied (Centre staff cannot assist).
  • Patrons MUST wash and sanitise their hands if using the bathrooms during class time.

Students will have the opportunity to swim for the following duration, within their structured classes:

  • Group lessons - 30min duration
  • Private lessons (occurring from 6.05pm) - 30min duration
  • Pre-squad lessons - 45min duration 

Upon conclusion of the lesson

Unaccompanied students
  • Will be directed by a teacher to their designated area to collect their belongings, before promptly being escorted to the exit / pick-up area 
  • Students cannot be dismissed if their parent/guardian is not visible at the exit point / pick-up area 
  • It is therefore important that the parent/guardian arrive on time to collect their child at the end of the designated lesson time. 
Students accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Will be dismissed from their class lane and must follow Centre markings to meet their parent/guardian
  • Students will not be allocated time to change out of their bathers (students may therefore wish to bring a second towel for warmth)
  • All participants MUST use hand sanitiser provided before exiting the Centre
  • Students (wherever possible) should refrain from utilising the changing rooms. We wish to advise participants to bring something warm to wear over their bathers as they exit the facility, as there is insufficient time between classes for students to shower and change on-site
  • Participants should ensure that they complete a thorough full body shower with soap after swimming (Centre showers are unavailable following the conclusion of lesson time). Please shower at home after lessons.