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Please follow our policies while attending Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics programs.

Swimming attire

All swimmers must wear proper bathers and swimming cap, and may wear goggles. No board shorts should be worn in the water. Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics stocks a range of caps and goggles for sale. 

Drink bottles

All swimmers must bring a drink bottle to their class. 


Parking is available in the surrounding streets. The staff car park located off Upper Heidelberg Road must not be used by program participants (including after hours). 

Fee Structure

Each 30-minute lesson cost is $20, an invoice is created and forwarded for payment, priced accordingly to when you commence lessons during the term.

It is expected that returning students pay their term fees prior to re commencing lessons for the term, new enrolments have 4 days to pay their invoice.

Failure to pay for lessons will result in termination of enrolment.

Please note we do not offer trial lessons.


Families may be issued a credit for up to x2 lessons during the terms duration when a medical certificate is provided.
Please note that credits are ONLY given for medical reasons, not any other general absence, e.g holiday, school camp.

Credits are non-refundable. 

Make Up Lessons

Students are eligible for x2 Make-up lessons per term, when notification of absence is provided (two hour minimum notice), to the Swim School ahead of a students scheduled class time/ prior to lesson. Make-up lessons will depend on the availability of a suitable class and can only be arranged during the term in which a session was missed.
Make up lessons do NOT rollover and are non-refundable as they are an addition to our program.

Notification of absence and request for Make-up lesson can be made via phone call or email.

Please note make-up lessons can be booked no further than 7 days in advance.


To reduce steps for customers, student enrolments are automatically carried over into the upcoming term. Therefore, if you wish to cancel your enrolment, you must notify Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics in writing two weeks prior to ceasing swimming lessons, via email.

Lesson changes

While we endeavour to re-enrol students into the same class times in upcoming terms, sessions running at the start and end of operating hours may be subject to change based on the number of swimmers enrolled. In the event that the session cannot be offered, we will contact you to negotiate a change of lesson time, or you can choose to pay a private lesson cost until a class becomes available. 

Ivanhoe Girls Aquatics reserves the right to cancel or change classes and instructors. Students may also be moved into a different class if deemed necessary. We endeavour to provide you with the most consistent experience possible; however, there are occasions when lane and teacher changes are required. We strive to maintain consistency with our instructors, but sometimes changes are unavoidable. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee instructors or class times from Term to Term. All staff undergo regular training days to improve and maintain their high level of teaching standards. Please note: - refunds will not be given because of lane or teacher changes.


It is expected that parents/ carers:

  • come to the edge of the pool at the start of the lesson and directly hand over your child to the teacher.
  • be always present and visible on the pool deck (if your child is under the age of 10).
  • come to the edge of the pool at the end of the lesson and collect your child.
  • only take photos in the pool area with prior arrangement – must gain teacher consent (never in the changing room area).

Always follow the Watch Around Water policy for active child supervision. https://lsv.com.au/aquatic-industry-services/watch-around-water/

Ivanhoe Girls' Aquatics staff have a duty of care for their students for the duration of the swimming lesson. A parent or guardian must provide active supervision of their child before, during and after scheduled lessons. Please inform staff if you are not immediately available to assist your child before or after classes. Ivanhoe Girls' Aquatics is not otherwise responsible for the supervision of students outside their scheduled lesson time.

Changing rooms

Children aged seven years and below who are using the changing room of the opposing gender must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Students eight years and above are required to use the changing rooms which best reflect their gender identity. Active supervision of your child is required at all times to ensure the comfort of all patrons. We wish to kindly request that all pool users remain respectful of others’ privacy when using these shared spaces. Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics provides two private cubicles and one toilet in both the female and male changing rooms, to allow for additional privacy should students or parents require it. Use of mobile phones in changing facilities is not permitted.

Phone usage

Please note for the privacy of our teachers, no filming or photography is permitted on pool deck.

Please note also, smart devices obstruct active supervision, which is a core aspect of the Watch Around Water policy.