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Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics provides a program for boys and girls which enhances swimming ability with a strong focus on technique and the development of water safety practices.

The program has seven levels of 30 minute lessons: Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The 45 minute Elementary Session further develops fitness and prepares students for higher levels of squad swimming. These levels build on water confidence and basic water skills, through to the development of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Class numbers are small, with only four students in Yellow and Blue classes, five students in Green, Purple, Bronze and Silver classes, and six students in Gold classes. Elementary Pre-Squad classes have between 10-12 students.


Group (30mins) - $22.00
Presquad (45mins) – $25.00
Adult (30 mins) - $26.00
Private 1:1 ($57.00) 


Classes are held during Ivanhoe Girls' school terms, after school hours:

Monday to Friday: 3.45pm – 6.30pm
Saturday: 8.00am – 11.50am

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Students receive a certificate and progress through each level as their skills meet the required criteria:

  • Level 1: YELLOW Level Criteria 
  • Level 2: BLUE Level Criteria 
  • Level 3: GREEN Level Criteria 
  • Level 4: PURPLE Level Criteria 
  • Level 5: BRONZE Level Criteria 
  • Level 6: SILVER Level Criteria 
  • Level 7: GOLD Level Criteria 
  • Pre-Squad 

While student progress is monitored by your child’s teacher throughout the term, additional assessments are conducted by the Teacher in Charge (TIC) according to our assessment calendar. Customers are also welcome to speak with a TIC to request an assessment at any time.

Eligibility to progress to the next level requires students to consistently and effectively demonstrate correct technique for all level criteria. Do not hesitate to consult your child’s teacher or the Swimming Manager for more information.