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Announcing our new levels

After careful consideration, Ivanhoe Girls Aquatics has decided to update our level criteria and pathway.

Foundation review

Previously, we found Blue level had too wide a range of skills to achieve, leaving students stagnant for a long period of time. 

Our first level will now be Yellow, which caters to students who are unfamiliar with water and can work toward to becoming comfortable and confident in aquatic environments.  

Blue becomes our second level, progressing introductory students to working on fundamental skills that will enable building strength, confidence and basic understanding of kick, body position and extended arm paddle.  

Renaming Low Green and High Green

Moving forward, Low Green will be known as Green and High Green to be known as Purple.

This decision came to fruition after concurring that dubbing sequential levels 'High' and 'Low' could be an unfair reason of comparison for students and difficult for parents to differentiate.

The new level criteria can be found here.