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We pride ourselves on having professional and friendly staff at Ivanhoe Girls' Aquatics.

Our Swimming Instructors are passionate about creating strong engaging relationships with our students and parents. We provide encouragement and support to all students to help develop the confidence and skills to be safe in the aquatic environment. 

Meet our Swim School Coordinator

Hi, I’m Ava!

I’m an ex-competitive Swimmer, who has been teaching for the past seven years.

Previously, I’ve worked with Active Merri-Bek Council to coordinate their Swim School and teach at their multiple sites. I’ve taught from infant to access, learn to swim, squad and adults. Working at a Council site, I would assist in local campaigns and events, a solo project was launching the Merri-Bek encouragement meets for swimmers within the advanced programs to be introduced to competitive swimming.

I’m incredibly passionate about aquatic education, water safety and ensuring lessons are an enjoyable experience for all students. I firmly believe swimming is a necessary skill that remains with you for life.

I aim to continue to uphold the strong successful program that is Ivanhoe Girls' Aquatic, whilst initiating some newer processes to extend communication and discussion around student safety and progression.

In my spare time, you can find me walking my dog Luna, going to see live music or painting.

I’m excited to work with the Ivanhoe Girls' Aquatics community and become a familiar face for those attending Swim Lessons!

Staff Role / Expertise
Swimming Instructor and Accredited Coach
"Teaching Learn-To-Swim programs for over 30 years and coaching at the state and national levels for 16 years has been a source of immense joy for me. I'm passionate about my swimmers' development and improving their stroke technique and skills."
Swimming Instructor and Accredited Coach
"I've been a teacher for 6 years and was a competitive swimmer for 12. I am also an assistant coach at IAP. I most enjoy helping swimmers, of any level, realise their potential and I focus especially on stroke technique."
Swimming Instructor / Teacher in Charge
"I love the water and spending time outside soaking up the sun. I am passionate about developing people's confidence in the water, particularly working with lower levels or people with disabilities."
Swimming Instructor / Teacher in Charge
"My name is Elle and I've been teaching swimming since 2006. I have been passionate about swimming ever since I was young and competed throughout my childhood. As an adult, I am learning artistic swimming and love applying my knowledge of the water to this new skill. I have loved teaching swimming to people of all ages and ability levels, and especially enjoy working with swimmers at the start of their journey. It is such a joy to watch someone master a skill for the first time, or challenge themselves to try something out of their comfort zone."
Swimming Instructor / Teacher in Charge
"With a diverse teaching background ranging from preschoolers to adults, I am a dedicated swim instructor committed to establishing strong bonds of trust with both my students and their parents. Passionate about cultivating a genuine love for the water while prioritising safety, I strive to create an inclusive learning environment where every student feels secure and supported. In my lessons, I maintain a balance between enjoyment and skill acquisition, ensuring that each session is both engaging and educational. Recognising the significance of addressing fears and anxieties related to the water, I take a personalised approach to help students overcome their concerns, working closely with them every step of the way. By harnessing my expertise and empathetic teaching style, I empower students to embrace swimming as a lifelong pursuit, instilling confidence and proficiency in their learning journey."
Swimming Instructor / Teacher in Charge
"I have been teaching swimming for about seven years. I love coming into the aquatic environment for a few hours per week - it is a welcome change from what I do in my 'day job' as a researcher. It gives me a different perspective and I feel that I am doing something useful and important. I really enjoy teaching adults and helping swimmers transition from learning to swim to potentially becoming competitive swimmers. I trained in the pool five days a week between the ages of 13 and 15. I learned a lot from being in the swim squad - how to set goals, be in a team, stay focussed and be disciplined and motivated. I am really inspired when I see adults coming to the pool to learn to swim, too. It takes courage and self belief."
Swimming Instructor / Teacher in Charge
"I love teaching beginner levels and getting kids of all ages to feel comfortable and confident! I especially enjoy teaching Access and Inclusion classes because everyone deserves to be safe and enjoy the water."
Swimming Instructor / Accredited coach / Teacher in Charge
“As a competitive swimmer, I love helping others learn to swim and enjoy a sport that provides so many benefits physically and mentally."
Swimming Instructor
"I’ve been teaching at the school since 2016, my favorite levels to teach are bronze to gold levels, I love working with the older or more advanced students and figuring out what excites them about swimming."
Swimming Instructor
"I love teaching swimming and water safety, as it is such a vital skill to have and hold for life! I especially enjoy taking the younger classes and guiding them through their first introduction to the water and watching their skills develop!"
Swimming Instructor
"I love making connections with my students and creating a fun class environment! My favourite levels to teach are Green and Bronze, as working on consolidating major skills in the strokes is a strength of mine. I'm also enthusiastic about helping kids find their strengths to make lessons as enjoyable as possible."
Swimming Instructor
"I have been teaching all aspects of learn to swim and water safety for nine years. I grew up learning to swim and found the experience very enjoyable and rewarding, I progressed onto squad and competitive swimming for a few years in junior high school. The opportunity to teach this vital and life enhancing skill to various age groups and demographics, is what got me into swim teaching. I feel rewarded when a student picks up a new technique or really enjoys a lesson. I enjoy teaching children whom are at about a high green level, as swimming techniques such as breaststroke kick are introduced, and watching children pick up on these techniques is rewarding. I also enjoy teaching older age groups such as teenage learn to swim and adults, as in many instances I am teaching a brand new skill, and can engage in productive conversation around swimming and water safety."
Swimming Instructor
"I enjoy helping swimmers of all abilities to try new skills in the water; whether that’s blowing bubbles or swimming 100 metres. I have a big focus on safety and independence in my lessons, to encourage swimmers to act appropriately in and around water."
Swimming Instructor
"I love to teach beginner levels as I believe the skills they develop in these early levels plays an important part in the rest of their swimming journey. I enjoy engaging with each swimmer in a way that makes them feel confident in the water. I focus on making lessons fun while simultaneously making sure my lessons are informative and safe to ensure swimmers are acting safely around water."
Swimming Instructor
"I have loved swimming since I was little and I love sharing that passion with younger kids. I enjoy teaching all ages of students with varying levels of experience as I believe every stage of learning is just as important as one another! I do particularly enjoy fine tuning techniques of higher level students!"
Swimming Instructor
"This term I am looking forward to helping kids learn new skills and be safe in the water whilst having fun."
Swimming Instructor
"Hey I’m Imogen, I love open water swimming and my favourite levels to teach are blue and high green. I’ve only started teaching this year but have been swimming my whole life!"
Swimming Instructor
"Hi, I’m Quincy and I’ve been a swimming enthusiast since I was little! I love sharing my passion with others, especially seeing the swimmers’ joy and sense of accomplishment as they gain new skills and confidence in the water."
Swimming Instructor
"I have loved swimming since i was little kid, whether this has been learning a new skill or just having fun with friends. I enjoy creating a fun class environment with my students, and love to see their improvements throughout the terms."
Swimming Instructor
"My love for the water came from doing Nippers (junior life saving) from a young age. I've been a Swim Teacher for over a year now and continue to enjoy every moment. I enjoy working with kids, seeing them grow, learn new swimming and water safety skills is great. I aim to make every lesson fun and inclusive whilst developing students new skills and confidence in the water."
Swimming Instructor
“l love seeing a swim skill finally click for the students when they understand what their task is. Seeing someone progress and move up a level is rewarding as a teacher and motivates me to continue pushing the students to their potential.”

Join our team! 

Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics is currently accepting applications from interested teachers, who wish to become a part of our learn-to-swim team. 

Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics is willing to work with aspiring teachers and recently qualified teachers, to assist in providing comprehensive training that aligns with our centre’s methodologies.

Ivanhoe Girls’ Aquatics is continuously seeking quality individuals that share a love and passion for teaching and swimming. We are committed to the development of our teacher’s and coaches’ skills and experiences to provide the best quality customer service for our students.

Applicants are encouraged to email the following information to aquatics@ivanhoegirls.vic.edu.au

  • Curriculum Vitae (minimum of two references)
  • Cover Letter
  • Working with Children’s Check (WWCC)
  • Austswim licence or equivalent
  • Valid CPR certificate  

For further information please contact:

Ivanhoe Girls' Aquatics Swimming Manager
Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School
T: +61 3 9490 6267
E: aquatics@ivanhoegirls.vic.edu.au